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Haris Cizmic (and the humans), uniting the world in the song "Honeythief". Recorded and mastered at the Axart Studio (Detroit), mixed at Metro37Studios (Detroit) and Chris Liecek Studio (San Antonio), written by Ryan & Rebecca Coseboom of Halou, (originally published by Halousongs, administered by BMI) 2008, BMI. Camera by Scott Sprague and Haris Cizmic, video by Blindspot Production 2012, featuring Aleksandra Cizmic and people all around the world.
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Song is available for download at

Official video for "Breathe In Water single" by Haris Cizmic (leader of Sarajevo/Detroit's rock bands AXA & INGRAY). Directed by Scott Sprague and Aleksandra Cizmic. Featuring Aleksandra and David Dupuie. Filmed at Scarab13 Studio and on locations in Detroit, Royal Oak, Highland Park.

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Tara and I had been watching Bridgette Jones. It was girls night and we had been talking, laughing, and drinking our way through the whole movie. I was wasted even by my own standards and Tara was at least as far gone as I was when the movie ended.

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